Registration number of Learning Providers in the UK  (UKPRN) is 10066595

REGISTERED AT UK Register of Learning Providers  



UK SPOT LTD is registered training company at UK Register of Learning Providers.

Our registration number of Learning Providers (UKPRN) is 10066595

Company overview

UK SPOT TRAING, established in 2009 and converted to limited company in 2016. 


A vision for a better future for individuals and companies in United Kingdom and Poland. As the leading workforce development company for individuals and businesses our programmes and services are based on transnational class research into the skills and training that service-centered businesses and individuals need. We specialize in management and leadership trainings and projects including HORECA, customer service trainings, employment support, soft and hard skills trainings. All of our trainers and consultants are quality assured, and have been tested on their ability to deliver top-quality programmes.Our flexible approach to different projects and trainings will help meet the specific training needs and deliver maximum return on investment. Our training programmes are delivered through our network of experienced trainers and consultants.
Finding entry-level staff with the right skills is easier said than done – if you’re taking on new staff, we can help you to get the best out of them.

We also developed and registered our Trade Mark Dialog of Transformation  ®

We are registered with UK Register of Learning Providers  (UKPRN). 
Our registration number is 10066595

UK SPOT LTD designs and delivers quality training solutions to enhance team potential and develop new skills. Our rapidly growing client base spans a wide range of industries and includes SME’s and international corporations. So, if you’re looking for a training company with a flexible approach and a strong track record, why not drop us a line: [email protected] 

We offer:

Management training courses

Budgeting for Managers

Team Building 

Coaching Skills

Emotional Intelligence


International Law

New Settled Status Regulations

Tax Return for Self-Employed freelancers

Bid writing 

Facilitation Skills 

Delegation Skills

Customer Service skills

Time management 

Leadership skills

Recruitment and sellection

HORECA industry courses

Each course can be run ‘in-house’ at your company premises, anywhere in West Yorkshire. Our training is highly practical, led by an experienced facilitators who encourages group participation. The courses also include an element of tailoring to your business requirements at no additional cost.

We provide guidance, training and resources to people interested in starting businesses, doing research, running workshops or bespoke courses &  trainings. We offer services include help to develop business plans, conducting market research, protecting intellectual property, accessing development expertise and recruiting partners and team members from the business market and beyond.

We also work closely with internal and external businesses, committees and organizations focused on expanding entrepreneurship and educational resources, scenarios, ideas across Europe.

Our  projects and trainings are delivered to 
a national standard and designed specifically 
for the industries it covers 
– removing the inconsistency that often comes with using generic projects training programmes.